I started DJing, on vinyl, in 1987 whilst at Polytechnic in London. My mentor at that time was my room mate, Jim Peacock, to whom I owe a lot! We generally played hip hop and dance music – which generally incorporated rare groove and hip house at the time. It was, of course, around this time that house music was, as they say, “born”.

Asylum Acid House

Whilst struggling (but finally achieving) an honours degree in Mathematics, I generally DJ’d two times a week in and around South East London. This included Thames Poly nights (The Ultimate Funkshun, Shakedown and NC17) and the odd other local Acid House events under the banners of Asylum, Inspiration and Temptation. I generally earn’t a little extra beer money and played to up to 1,000 ravers at the bigger nights; once alongside Tim Westwood (ask your parents).​

House music was, and still is, my genre of choice. For years, I’d listen to Pete Tong on a Friday night. Nowadays, I’m certainly more biased to what some may call commercial house. But there’s still an interest in the Anthems of yesteryear.

Post degree, I was still listening and buying, but rarely playing (in or out). Then for some reason I started to look into digital DJing. I appreciated that song selection was even more important than traditional DJ skills; but those skills would certainly help me beyond a Sync Button pushing DJ.

I began programming mixes using MixMeister software (having researched every option). I posted mixes to Podomatic and was soon approached to provide a weekly mix for a web radio station, Create Radio (latterly, Pure Radio). My genre was essentially House Music Anthems (I wouldn’t be pigeonholed) – and the show was entitled “Promised Land”, after the Joe Smooth track that they’ll bury me to.

After almost 30 episodes, I withdraw my services and started to look at midi controllers and other software systems for more of a “live” performance. I settled on Traktor and a Kontrol S2….

Whilst generally “hobbying” as a DJ – I do play a few events – most typically for charities/fundraising gigs. I’m happy to take on dance, house, disco, 80s, 90’s, 2000’s, hip hop, D&B and perhaps an hour of Northern Soul. I’d really need to thank Phil, Steve and Joey at Digital DJ Tips for keeping the dream alive for an aging Husband (to Kate) and Dad of 3 still dreaming of the Big Room set. NB: I don’t do weddings or Christmas parties….